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Vanessa Barker. Photo: L Zoubir/Stockholm University

Vanessa Barker has studied the rapid transformation of Swedish society

Borders, inequality and the relationship between democracy and welfare states has been a focus for Vanessa Barker in her research at The Department of Sociology.

Magnus Breitholtz, ordförandeför miljörådet och professor vid Institutionen för miljövetenskap.

The university is on the road to climate neutrality

The university's Environmental Council is currently collaborating with researchers on a Climate Roadmap for Stockholm University. The goal is to bring emissions down to zero and become climate neutral by 2040.

University Director Eino Örnfeldt

Need for systematic development of working environment and equal working conditions

For most of us, the past year has seen a drastic change when it comes to where and how we conduct our work. Zoom meetings have replaced physical meetings, most teaching is conducted online, and lunches and coffee breaks with colleagues are just a memory.

Konstregistrator Cecilia Gottfridsson Foto: Stockholms universitet

Behind the scenes: Stockholm University's art collections

Which Dutchman is the painter behind the university's new donation? What does provenance research mean? Two new films on new information about works of art and collections.

Studenthuset. Foto: Jorge Win

Information for students and staff about the corona virus

The latest information and university positions regarding the new corona virus and the pandemic. The information is updated continuously.