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Höst i Frescati

Limited email access via Outlook/Webmail from abroad

Email access via Outlook and Webmail from abroad has been limited due to security reasons.

Are you having problems connecting to the eduroam WiFi today?

A new certificate for eduroam has been installed today, February 24. Because of this you must change the settings in all your devices to be able to keep connecting to eduroam.

Important information for eduroam users

If you use the wireless network eduroam and haven’t used the automatic settings before, you need to change the settings in all your devices before February 24. There are automatic settings for different devices and you can make the changes when you are on campus.

You can now sign digitally

The e-signature service is available to all university employees. The service allows you to sign and validate documents electronically in a quick and easy way.

Lots of spoofing emails with cyber threats and demands for Bitcoins going around

At the moment there are a lot of spoofing emails with cyber threats going around. If you have received such an email just delete it. 


IT Services

Contact Helpdesk

For IT support go to Serviceportalen -

  • You can find answers to frequently asked questions (800+ articles)
  • Questions, error reporting and orders can be placed via contact forms 
  • Open 24 hours a day

IT Services in the University's staff catalogue

If you have an urgent IT problem you can call Helpdesk