You can now use the new e-signature service eduSign to digitally sign contracts and other documents. eduSign is a service provided by SUNET and is very easy to use. 

When you want to sign a document, you upload it in PDF or XML format. You log in with your university account, sign, and then you can download the signed document and save it in a safe location, for example in your home directory.

The e-signature service is available to all employees with a university account, but obviously you can only sign documents that you are authorised to sign. The decision-making and delegation procedures still apply, and the e-signature service does not confer any additional powers. If applicable, you should also register the document.

If two signatures are required and you are the second person to sign, it is important to validate the document before signing yourself. Validation ensures that nothing in the document has been changed since it was signed. You validate the document by uploading it, and then receive an approval that guarantees that nothing in the document has changed since it was signed.



If you have any questions about the e-signature service, please contact Helpdesk

If you have any questions about the rules relating to e-signature, what types of documents that can be digitally signed, please contact the Legal Secretariat.

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