1.    Welcome to Stockholm University 
2.    The organisation 
3.    The role
4.    The work environment
5.    The climate roadmap 
6.    How to keep yourself updated

Short address to the webpage is: www.su.se/newlyemployed

1. Welcome to Stockholm University

Ranked as one of the world’s top 100 leading schools Stockholm University is prominent in research and education within the humanities field and natural studies. 



A film in English about Stockholm university: 
Stockholm University – a leading center for higher education and research. 

2. The organisation

On Stockholm University’s mission and organisation. 



3. The role 

On being employed at a government agency.



4. The work environment



5. The climate roadmap

Stockholm University must be carbon-neutral, which means having a net-zero greenhouse gas emission, by 2040. The climate roadmap takes us there. 



6. How to keep yourself updated 

Stockholm University is large. It can be hard to get an overview and to focus on more than the specific place where you work. You can get new perspectives on our mutual mission by keeping yourself updated. 

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