Azar Raoufi Masouleh. Foto: privat
Azar Raoufi Masouleh. Foto: privat

Webbinarium i Zoom

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In this seminar, I will present some data from my PhD work. The study contributes to the body of research related to CA-inspired analysis of the internal life of multilingual workplaces, in situations of collaboration and interactions between professionals. The discussion is centered around interactional organization and accomplishment of collegial work-related meetings by focusing on linguistic and institutional symmetries/asymmetries and participation approached in a multimodal way.

On the basis of video-and audio-recorded interactions in the engineering and administration team of a multilingual company, the seminar will focus on one specific engineer, participating in different one-to-one meetings and the orientations of the participants as they make relevant specific participants’ identities – especially linguistic and institutional ones. The participants do not have access to the same native language background and linguistic resources and when it comes to their interactional roles, these differences lead to different communicative rights, obligations and limitations. I want to discuss the participants’ orientation towards multilingualism as a part of their linguistic repertoires. I also want to focus on semiotic resources; the actions, materials and artifacts, that together with the ways in which they are organized, interplay in communicative exchanges and contribute to meaning making.

The multilingual practices in these interactions interact issues such as displaying institutional expertise, positioning the participants’ institutional/linguistic identities, constructing collegial relationships and accomplishing efficient collaborative interactions despite linguistic asymmetry. The influential factors in language choice seem to be practically based on the members’ task at hand, categorization and different forms of participation, rather than their presumed linguistic competence.