Aim of the Conference

The increased interest in the work of Mikhail Bakhtin among Western scholars has been particularly evident ever since the 1980s. Because of its erudition and versatility as well as its multidimensionality and open character, Bakhtin’s ideas about dialogism have been a source of inspiration for various approaches within different scientific fields.

The core of Bakhtin’s theory is dialogue and dialogicality, where the "I" and the "self", the "you" and the "other" are embedded in each other, affecting each other, and functioning together as a centrifugal force around which communication and life circles.

This interdisciplinary conference on Bakhtinian issues aims at addressing researchers, and, research on dialogue and dialogicality, within and between different academic disciplines.


Conference Themes

The scopes of the conference include dialogism within and between the following disciplines:

anthropology literature psychology
art medicine rhetoric
education technology religion
economy pedagogy semiotics
gender philosophy sociology
history political science speech pathology
linguistics psychoanalysis theatre


The conference is however not limited to these themes, but welcomes proposals within any academic field, that focus on theoretical, empirical and methodological aspects of dialogism.