Conferences and seminars

We have two open seminar series at SOFI: AME Labour Economics, and Stratification, Welfare and Social Policy (SWS). We also organise workshops, conferences and talks open to the public and researchers at other universities.

In a conference room, a presentation is held in front of researchers around a table
Seminars at SOFI are from the fall of 2022 held in-person only again. Photo: Daniel Rossetti /SU

If you are interested in receiving invitations by e-mail to one of our seminar series, please find more information below.

Current dates for our seminars can be found on the Calendar page


Open seminar series at SOFI

Our seminar series on labour economics: AME Labour Economics Seminar

Seminars: Thursdays 10.00 - 11.15 (unless otherwise communicated)

Location: Room F800, Stockholm University

Seminar organisers for AME Labour Economics Seminar and Brown Bag seminars:

Marie-Pascale Grimon
Louis-Pierre Lepage



Please send an email with the word “subscribe” in the title to the following email address:

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All economics seminars in Stockholm: Click here

Our seminar series on stratification, welfare and social policy: Social Stratification, Welfare, and Social Policy Seminar (SWS).

Seminars: Tuesdays 13.00 - 14.15 (unless otherwise stated)

Location: Room F800, Stockholm University

Seminar organisers: Cassandra Engeman and Johan Westerman

If you wish to receive an invitation to our seminars by e-mail, contact one of the seminar organisers.


Upcoming workshops and conferences

For the moment there are no events planned at SOFI.

  • 20-21 Oct 2022 The Stockholm Health Day: 2022 workshop on children and health
  • 8 Dec 2021 Workshop: Frontiers in parental leave research: Evidence from the Nordic countries
  • 15 Apr 2021 Webinar: "Post Covid-19, are we prepared at the country's universities?"
  • 15-16 June 2020 "1st Stockholm Workshop on Diversity and Workplace Inclusion"
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