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The Department of Zoology was founded 1880 and has a long history of basic and applied research, on animals ranging from insects to large mammals, in five divisions: Animal Ecology, Ethology, Population Genetics, Functional Morphology and Systematic Zoology.

The Department has a staff of around 100 employees, of which about 40 are PhD students. In addition, the Department has recently invested extensively in state-of-the-art fish and insect labs, and keeps a research station (Tovetorp) south of Stockholm with excellent facilities for various field and laboratory experiments on mammals, birds and insects. Access to cutting-edge brain imaging techniques as well as genomics and bioinformatics resources are provided by affiliated core facilities.

We also participate in the multidisciplinary Centre for Cultural Evolution and The Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

Our mission:

  • To promote basic research in zoology within the expertise of our academic positions
  • To be internationally prominent in both research and education
  • To offer education based on results from, and in close contact with, scientific research
  • To contribute to the development of society by meeting the need for scientific knowledge and skills
  • To secure an effective and rational, collegiate-based approach


Visiting address:
Svante Arrhenius väg 18b
114 18 Stockholm

Postal address:
Department of Zoology
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Tovetorp eng

Office of Zoology

The Office serves as administrative and technical support for the staff and for the PhD students, and to ensure legal certainty, transparency and efficient use of the department’s resources.

Thomas Pettersson, Head of Administration
+ 46 8 16 40, +46 72 147 40 45

Siw Gustafsson, Financial manager/HR Administrator

Minna Miettinen, Research Administrative Officer, safety representative, house security

Carina Brändh, Financial Administrative Officer

Anette Lorents, Administrative Officer

Ulf Norberg, Systems Manager, IT-security,

Maria Celorio, Research Engineer, laboratory safety coordinator

Mirjam Amcoff, Research Engineer, Purchasing coordinator/e-commerce

Internal information