The research in zoologic systematics and evolution is mainly carried out at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The scientific focal points are description and the explanation of the evolution and diversity of the fauna. The zoological collections are curated by the unit and is the foundation of this research, and is used both internally and by visiting international guests. If you want to read more about our projects and our facilities, you find them below.

As the research is located at the Swedish Museum of Natural history, you will on this webpage find a selection of currect project. Theese are linked to the museum webpage where you also can read more about other projects and what we offer.



Division Leader: Ulf Jondelius

Subject Representative: Ulf Jondelius

Visiting address:
Frescativägen 40
114 18 Stockholm

Postal address:
Swedish Museum of Natural History
P. O. Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden