In February/March every year the Arctic Fox Project start to look for volunteers to help out with the summer inventories in the Swedish tundra. The application period for 2019 opens February 15 and closes April 8. Read the short texts below before you apply to make sure that you know what volunteering with us is about.

About the fieldwork

In July, we visit arctic fox habitats and dens in most parts of the Swedish mountain range/tundra. We do this to see if the dens are inhabited. At the same time, we conduct extensive surveys of small rodents through snap trapping and birds through line transects because their presence and abundance are very important for the arctic fox and our understanding of the Scandinavian tundra ecology. At inhabited dens, we to some extent study the arctic foxes' behavior. You are expected to carry out all of those tasks as a part of volunteering for us.

Since there are few arctic foxes around and reproduction is dependent on the availability of lemmings, we cannot guarantee that field workers will get to see foxes. It is therefore important to understand that the field work largely involves gathering information on the conditions for the foxes. If it is a good year with high recruitment, the opportunities to see arctic foxes are relatively good.

Who are we looking for?

You are interested in nature and appreciate large amounts of rain, sun, wind, summer snow and mosquitoes. You will be on the mountain living in a tent for at least 3 weeks and work in pairs with another volunteer. You live in tents with your volunteer colleague and carry all your food and equipment yourselves in your own backpacks. Walking will be between 10 and 20 km a day and because we often go off the trail with quite a heavy pack, it is good if you are in reasonably condition and used to be outdoors. Most importantly is your approach to field work in mountain terrain and that you do not give up when it gets a little uphill.

The project covers travel expenses within Sweden, within reason, to and from the mountains.

Follow the link below to apply:

Application in English
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