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The Chemistry section at Stockholm University today consists of three research departments whose research concerns all chemistry from the smallest atom to the cell's chemical orchestra. The Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office runs all undergraduate education in cooperation with these institutions.

All education at bachelor's and master's level at the Chemistry Section is run by the Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office together with our three research institutions. As the departments to a very large extent contribute to the undergraduate education, with both content and teachers, all courses have a close connection to research.

The Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office main goal is to coordinate and support teaching biology at Stockholm University by offering study counselling, equipment, funding, academic administration and pedagogical activities.

This connection between teaching and research has long been a tradition in the chemical section and constitutes a guarantee that all teaching rests on a scientific basis. The training takes place mostly in the Chemical Exercise Laboratory (KÖL), which is directly connected to the Arrhenius Laboratory in the Frescati area. 

The section's research spans a broad area that can, among other things, contribute to solving future environmental and climate problems, cure diseases, increase the standard of living for people, and develop new materials and medicines.

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