Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez awarded Letterstedtska priset

Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez has been awarded Letterstedtska priset för särskilt maktpåliggande by the Royal Academy of Science.

Jaime’s research is in solar physics, where he specializes in the solar atmosphere. His work involves so called “inversion methods”, which are codes that allow researchers to construct a 3D model of the solar atmosphere from observations. Creating 3D models of the solar atmosphere is extremely valuable for solar researchers as this usually gives more information about what is happening in the atmosphere than just ordinary observations. In addition to creating a powerful inversion code, he managed to include the possibility for the code to use data from different telescopes. Combining datasets is something that has been a challenge in the past, which is why Jaime’s code STiC (Stockholm inversion code) is very successful.

Images of a model solar atmosphere
The figure shows the reconstruction of a model atmosphere from multi-resolution synthetic spectra, which were calculated from a numerical simulation. The upper row shows the ground truth from the numerical simulation, the middle row shows the reconstruction of a traditional inversion code that could not properly handle multi-resolution observations and the bottom row shows the reconstruction from the new multi-resolution inversion method.

Link to the KVA announcement