Student Office

At the Student Office, you as a student can get information and help with administration around your studies at Fysikum. You can contact the student office to re-register for a course, get signed transcripts and registration certificates, or access cards to AlbaNova. This is also where you should turn if you want to withdraw from a course or take a break from a program. The  Student Office is also where you can pick up corrected laboratory reports and exams, and buy course compendiums. Old exam papers and solutions can be borrowed from the office for copying.

Student office

Academic advisor

At the academic advisor you can ask about applications and admission, courses and eligibility or degrees and career. If your studies are not going according to plan, the academic advisor can help you create an individual study plan.

Academic advisor

Directors of Studies

The Directors of Studies are responsible for questions related to the education. They deal with questions regarding, for example, the development of programmes and courses, the assignments of teachers to the various courses and they monitor that rules and regulations are followed by teachers and students.

Director of undergraduate studies
Deputy director of undergraduate studies
Director of graduate studies

International coordinator

The international coordinator is responsible for the various exchange agreements that the Department of Astronomy has with other higher education institutions. Here you can get information about where you can go on an exchange, and how to apply. You can also get answers to questions concerning crediting of your studies abroad. The international coordinator also handles all administration for incoming exchange students, including admission, course selection and certificates of arrival and departure.

International coordinator

Course coordinator Degree projects in Astronomy

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