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Are you currently studying at the Department of Linguistics? Here you will find some useful information for your studies.


Study administration

Here you will find answers to some common questions. You are always welcome to contact our Student Office. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

All students at Stockholm University must register before each semester. You register online via ladok.

Ladok for students

If you need help registering, please contact the Student Office: exp@ling.su.se

If your course or programme applies a different registration procedure, you will get information about it via email. 

If you want to cancel your study place after you have registered, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible.

If your study interruption occurs within three weeks from the start of the course, registration can be deactivated and will not remain in the system. You can then apply for the course again at a later time.

If your study interruption occurs later than three weeks after the start of the course, the break remains as a barrier and you cannot apply for the course again. If you want to take the same course later, or take an exam for the course, you must contact the student office to see if there are vacancies and, in that case, remove your interruption to re-register for the course.

If you do not report your study interruption to the student office, you will officially remain a student throughout the course, which can lead to complications with, for example, CSN. Therefore, be sure to always notify us of any study interruptions.

If you have been registered for the course before, you must re-register each semester that you intend to participate in the course or take the exam. You do this at the student office. Please note that previous registration for the course does not give you a guaranteed place on the course!

An application for credit transfer can be made for previous studies at a Swedish or foreign university.
The application, together with appendices, is submitted/sent/emailed to the student office for processing(see address on the form). Applicants receive a written decision on credit transfer.

Application for credit transfer_Department of Linguistics (121 Kb)


Zoom for web-based distance learning

We use the e-meeting service Zoom for lectures and seminars. It is free for students at Stockholm University.

Get started with Zoom

Study from home (tips and tools)


Student councils

We have two student councils at the Department of Linguistics.

The Student Council represents the department’s students at firsrt and second level. Through us, you can influence and discuss your education and present opinions to teachers and the department board. We also organise social activities for students.

ÄrLing meets about once a month to talk about things that happen at the department and that affect students. All students at the department receive an invitation via ÄrLings page in Athena.

See contact information at the bottom of the page.

DorLing is the doctoral student council at the Department of Linguistics. DorLing is a forum for discussing postgraduate education. We act as a link between doctoral students and the department board.

The Doctoral Student Council is the Student Union's extended arm at departmental level. DorLing has representatives on the department board and the Faculty of Humanities Council, among others. All doctoral students in the department, including guest doctoral students, have the right to attend and vote at the doctoral student council's meetings, which take place approximately twice per semester.

See contact information at the bottom of the page.

Your rights as a student come in part from laws and regulations and in part from local precepts at Stockholm University.

Your rights and responsibilities


IT for students

During your studies, you need access to various digital services and tools. Here you will find more information about Stockholm University’s IT support, wireless network, software licenses and much more.

Digital tools and services



If you are going to take an exam on campus, you must register in advance. You register via Ladok for students, no later than three days before the exam.

Extra support 

If you need extra support due to a disability, you must report this to our student office two weeks in advance: exp@ling.su.se

Corrected exams are saved in the department for two years. You can ask to see your corrected exam during opening hours of the student office.

It is assumed that all students take their exam at the regular exam time. For students who do not pass, an opportunity to retake the exam is offered.

If group exercises and laboratory work have not been completed within two semesters after the course has been given, these parts must be repeated in their entirety.


Student Health Services

Stockholm University students are welcome to contact Stockholm Student Health Services. The Stockholm Student Health Services provides nurse and counselor services, groups, workshops and other activities. All visits are free of charge.

Stockholm Student Health Services


Studying with a disability

Stockholm University provides various forms of special pedagogical support to students with long-term disabilities. Please contact Special pedagogical support at Student Services if you need support.

More information

Contact person

Åsa Gustafsson is the departments contact person for students with disabilities (see below).



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Ärling, Student council
DorLing, Student council for PhD students
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