The Department is made up of about 60 collaborators. Chief responsible is the Head of the Department.

Head of Department

Head of Department: Björn Eriksson

Deputy Head of Department: Mikael Janvid


Undergraduate and graduate studies excluding PhD-programme

Director of Studies (Practical Philosophy): Åsa Burman

Director of Studies (Theoretical Philosophy): Mattias Högström

Student advisor (Practical Philosophy): Sama Agahi

Student advisor (Theoretical Philosophy): Sama Agahi

Exchange studies co-ordinator: Björn Brunnander


Director of studies (Theoretical Philosophy): Henrik Lagerlund

Director of studies (Practical Philosophy): Gunnar Björnsson

Other administration

Chief Administrative officer: Marjan Bastansiar

Finance: Susanne Forssell

Occupational safety: Mattias Högström

Gender equality:

Environment: Marjan Bastansiar

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