Workshop: Establishing the Philosophy of Supersymmetry


Start date: Monday 23 May 2022

Time: 10.00

End date: Tuesday 24 May 2022

Time: 16.00

Location: Stockholm University Campus, Gula Villan, Minerva room & Zoom

Supersymmetry has, for the last forty years, been a central feature of theoretical physics, especially in the efforts to reconcile the Standard Model of particle physics, our best quantum theory of matter, and General Relativity, our best theory of gravitation. It has strongly influenced conceptual thinking in fundamental physics. Recent debates on the prospects of low energy supersymmetry in light of its non-discovery at the LHC also raise interesting epistemological questions. Yet supersymmetry has remained almost entirely ignored by philosophers of physics. The primary goal of this workshop is to help establish the philosophy of supersymmetry as a research discipline. The workshop will address conceptual, epistemic and experimental issues related to Supersymmetry.

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Confirmed Speakers:
David Baker (University of Michigan)        
Agnese Bissi (Uppsala University)              
Elena Castellani (University of Florence)
Radin Dardashti (University of Wuppertal)
Richard Dawid (Stockholm University)
Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm University)
James Fraser (Durham University)
Daniel Grimmer (University of Oxford)               
Martin King (University of Bonn)
Tushar Menon (University of Cambridge)
Michael Stöltzner (University of South Carolina)
Sara Strandberg (Stockholm University)
James Wells (University of Michigan)

The workshop is in part funded by a Cambridge-Stockholm Collaborative Research Grant.
Workshop organizers:
Simon Allzén (Stockholm)
Richard Dawid (Stockholm)
Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm)
Tushar Menon (Cambridge)