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Welcome to the Department of Philosophy!

The department of philosophy at Stockholm University is the largest philosophy department in Sweden. We host many prominent researchers in various fields, including Logic, Philosophy of Language/Mind/Science, Ethics, and Political Philosophy.

The department hosts 50–60 teachers, researchers, postdocs and graduate students.

We have a strong international profile. Faculty members and graduate students publish regularly in international journals, and each academic year we have several visitors from all over the world. We regularly invite internationally renowned philosophers to our colloquium, and every second year, a particularly eminent figure is invited to give the Wedberg Lectures.

In 2008, Philosophy was selected as one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University. With our beautiful location in the heart of the National City Park, we can provide a unique and stimulating environment for philosophical research.

The Department of Philosophy has provided education and conducted research since 1937.

Our researchers are actively disseminating their findings to the broader public. Listen to our researchers:

Listen to Anandi Hattiangadi

Listen to Helen Frowe

Read about research topics explored:

To trust or not to trust theories in contemporary cosmology

Meaning and Intentionality are as Fundamental as the Laws of Physics

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