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1st EuroScience Policy Forum - Sustainable Academia


Start date: Tuesday 29 June 2021

Time: 14.00

End date: Wednesday 30 June 2021

Time: 15.15

Location: Online-event

The 1st EuroScience Policy Forum, with its four partners EuroScience, The Stockholm Trio University Alliance, The Wellcome Trust and the University of Vienna together with the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) will discuss the changes in societal expectations on academic institutions and identify potential new pathways to a more sustainable academia in the future.

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Academic institutions today are confronted with numerous wide-ranging challenges and increased societal expectations : ensuring a steady flow of new knowledge and breakthrough innovation, providing high-quality up-to-date education to all students, attracting motivated creative talents from all over the world to renew and develop teaching and research excellence, and contributing to socio-cultural well-being. Can the academic community respond effectively to these growing (and sometimes conflicting) demands, while continuing to preserve the values of scientific freedom and independence that have characterized public research institutions and universities for decades?  In short, is academia as we know it today sustainable in the mid- to long-term?

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