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7th EMIC


Start date: Wednesday 25 May 2022

Time: 10.00

End date: Thursday 26 May 2022

Time: 17.00

Doing Academic Research in a Radically Changing World

Conference hosts

Jeremy Clegg, University of Leeds, UK
Tony Fang, Stockholm University, Sweden
Fredrik Tell, Uppsala University, Sweden

Conference Chair

Tony Fang

Some of the speakers:

Catherine Welch (Ireland, Research methodology)
Mike Peng (USA, Global Strategy)
Gary Gereffi (USA, Global Value Chain)
Peter van Bergeijk (Netherlands, Economic sanctions)
Thomas Hylland Eriksen (Norway, Social anthropology)
Anna Mia Ekström (Sweden, Global Health)
Rosalie Tung (Canada, cross cultural management)

7th Program (582 Kb)


Emerging Markets Cross Cultural Research Group