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Art + Research: Coloniality, materiality and the public art/spaces


Date: Wednesday 6 April 2022

Time: 17.00 – 19.00

Location: Accelerator

A conversation about traces of colonialism in public art and spaces. How can a critical discussion about those traces challenge the presupposed “neutrality” of Sweden? How can artists and researchers work to make critical knowledge about this reach a wider audience?



  • Hanni Kamaly, artist
  • Lena Sawyer, senior lecturer, Department of social work at Gothenburg University
  • Michael Barrett, curator, Museum of World Culture
  • Alessandro Petti, professor of architecture and social justice, Royal Institute of Art

The conversation will be held at the university's art exhibition space Accelerator. Admission free, no advance booking required. It will be moderated by Mårten Snickare, professor in art history and the administrative director of Accelerator.

More information at Accelerator's website

Carl Milles, ”Vingarna”: Foto: Peter Lindberg from Stockholm, Sweden – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,