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New exhibitions at Accelerator: Tori Wrånes’s “BIG WATER” and “Mother Courage and Her Children”


Date: Saturday 24 September 2022

Time: 12.00 – 17.00

Location: Accelerator

The University's art exhibition space Accelerator reopens on September 24 with Tori Wrånes’s new work “BIG WATER” and “Mother Courage and Her Children”, an exhibition with performances, film and soundworks.

In Tori Wrånes’s newly produced work “BIG WATER” the visitor will meet the surrealist worlds of the Norwegian artist. Accelerator also presents “Mother Courage and Her Children”, an exhibition with performances, film and soundworks. 



Life in the oceans has existed for 3.7 billion years, three times as long as on land. Largely unexplored, the oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface. Tori Wrånes’s new work for Accelerator, BIG WATER, departs from different places in the world’s oceans: above the surface on the coast of Thailand and under the surface in Norway’s Arctic waters. The two sites are interlaced in a large-scale video and music work.

Still from Tori Wrånes's performance "NAAM YAI", 2018.

Tori Wrånes works with performance, film, sculpture, painting and installation. She creates surrealistic worlds of hybrid forms and mutations where creatures perform strange rituals. With humour and warmth she distorts reality beyond cultural norms and standards. With influences from mythology, existentialism and LGBTQI activism, Wrånes’s characters move beyond the rational and challenge ideas about body, gender and contemporary lifestyles.

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Mother Courage and Her Children – an exhibition of performances, films and soundworks

Irrationality as an act of resistance runs like a red thread throughout the exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children. Courage is not only essential for engaging the body in physical resistance but also for dealing with the unknown, daring to trust one’s intuition and creating something new.

The exhibition title is borrowed from the eponymous anti-war play by the German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht. The play describes how war creates dilemmas that are difficult to navigate and brings out the dark side in people. The protagonist, Mother Courage, pulls her cart with merchandise from battlefield to battlefield, and sacrifices everything in her quest for money. How could Mother Courage have resisted?

•    Cristina Caprioli/ccap
•    Filmform
•    Maria Kulikovska
•    Maria W Horn
•    Radioart with Johan Petri and Ivo Nilsson
•    Roberto N Peyre

The works in the exhibition Mother Courage and Her Children will be shown or performed on different occasions.

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