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Nobel Calling

Each year Stockholm University arranges a number of activities during Nobel Week in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum. This year we will be conducting a competition to win tickets for the Nobel Prize Museum, as well as two lectures in Swedish.

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Nobel Calling 2022

Nobel Calling

A series of events, collectively labelled Nobel Calling Stockholm, is organised each year by the Nobel Prize Museum in collaboration with Stockholm University and other partners. 

This year we will conduct two lectures (in Swedish) and a competition to win tickets for the Nobel Prize Museum. You can find the competiton on this page:

Nobel Calling 2022 – Win tickets to the Nobel Prize Museum

Information about our Nobel Calling lectures can be found on our Swedish website:

Nobel Calling

For more infromation about activities in Stockholm during Nobel Calling visit the website of the Nobel Prize Museum.

Nobel Prize Museum


Material from previous years

Lectures in Swedish