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Research seminar in Linguistics: Språkbanken – a peephole on diachrony (Lars Borin)


Date: Thursday 19 May 2022

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Location: C307 (Department of Linguistics) and in Zoom

Welcome to a research seminar with Lars Borin, professor of natural language processing and director of Nationella språkbanken.



Nationella språkbanken (the Swedish Language Bank) is a national research infrastructure financed by the Swedish Research Council and the 10 participating institutions. Its mission is to support research based on language data.

Over recent years, the study of diachrony – linguistic and other – has emerged as a salient aspect of Nationella språkbanken's activities. In this presentation, I will give a broad overview of our activities in the area of diachronic studies: involvement in research projects with a diachronic focus, as well as development of language resources and natural language processing tools in support of such research.

– Lars Borin



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