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Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising and PR are an important and central part of an organization's behavior on a market. One can say that advertising and PR are the communicative aspects of an organization's presence in society. By studying the subject, you will get a deeper understanding of the processes and strategies that form the basis for all marketing communication.

Subject description

You will also gain an understanding of the legislation relating to marketing communication, as well as insights into the relationships with other stakeholders, such as organizations, non-profit organizations and consumers. Market communication includes both social and commercial information. Sometimes it can be about simple, straightforward messages and sometimes about complicated communication situations, internally or externally in an organization.

By studying advertising and PR you will both gain an understanding of how marketing communication interacts with the other parts of an organization, as well as how marketing communication is received by people in the community.

Career opportunities

A degree in advertising and PR will give you access to a broad job market, within the private sector, the public sector and non-profit organizations. If you study advertising and PR you can, for example, work as a creative director, marketing manager, marketing communicator, planner, PR strategist or press officer.

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