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Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History specialises in the study of the ancient Greek and Roman world. By studying ancient written sources and archaeological remains you will acquire an understanding of why the reception Classical culture has been important to the development of Western culture.

In Classical Archaeology and Ancient History we focus on ancient societies around the Mediterranean from prehistoric times to the fall of the Roman Empire. We study archaeological objects, art, architecture and ancient texts to learn more about the history, archaeology, politics, economy, religion, literature and philosophy of ancient societies.

By studying ancient cultures from a multidisciplinary approach, central phenomena and ideologies with roots in antiquity, such as democracy, dictatorships and ethnicity, are discussed and problematised.

Career opportunities

After graduation you can work in a museum or university. Your exam will also be useful to professions in media, culture, education and tourism.

Courses and programmes


To obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History you can enrol in either freestanding courses or the bachelor´s programme in Archaeology.

To obtain a Master’s degree you must enrol in the master´s programme in Archaeology with the specialisation Classical Archaeology and Ancient History as described in Education.



Research in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History is focused on classic Greece and Rome. Current research centres focus on Aegean prehistory, Greek and Roman political history, rituals in ancient religion, early Christian society in Egypt and Etruscan and Roman archaeology.