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International opportunities

Would you like to broaden your academic horizons and gain a deeper understanding of different countries? The Faculty of Science offers you exciting opportunities to study abroad!

In today's changing world, it is important that we promote an open and inclusive international academic collaboration. Student mobility contributes to a greater diversity of ideas and experiences, creating a more globally oriented and dynamic academic environment where students from different parts of the world can meet and learn from each other.

By studying abroad, you will have a valuable opportunity to experience different cultures and perspectives, develop your academic skills and career prospects, expand your network of contacts, and improve your language skills.

As a student at Stockholm University, you have many interesting opportunities to gain international experience, both through exchange studies and traineeships. Within the natural sciences area, we continuously work to expand and strengthen our international partnerships. We have cooperation agreements with universities in different parts of the world, both at the departmental and faculty levels.


Study abroad

Below you will find information about the universities that the Faculty of Science collaborates with at the faculty level. To get information about exchange studies through your department, please visit your department’s webpage or contact your exchange coordinator.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

University of Amsterdam



If you have any questions, please contact

To contact your department's exchange coordinator, please see Departmental international coordinators at Stockholm University.

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