How do I apply for my degree certificate?

We recommend that you use our online application.

If you no longer have access to your university account, you can download the application form as a PDF document which you can print out, complete and submit by post:  Application for degree certificate - attached file

Please note that the certificate is issued only upon request.

When can I apply?

You can submit an application as soon as you have completed your studies and the final grade of your last course has been registered in the Ladok system.

Do I need to attach a transcript of records?

If you apply online and all your courses appear in the application form, you do not need to attach a transcript of records. Should one or more courses be missing, you have to postpone the application until the final grade has been reported.

If you submit a paper application form, you need to attach a transcript of records from Ladok and clearly indicate which courses are to be included in the degree. You can print out a transcript from My Studies or order one from the Student Office at your department.

In order to include studies from a country other than Sweden in your degree, you will need to apply for a credit transfer. Please contact either your department or Student Services ( for further information.

My name is not correct in Ladok, how do I change it?

If your name has been misspelled in the Ladok system or if you have legally changed your name because of marriage or any other reason, you must tell Student Services before or when you apply for the degree certificate. For a change of name you will need to prove your identity. Please send a certified copy of your passport or an extract from the Swedish population register (please see to Student Services, Academic Records Unit.

Can I get an English translation of my certificate?

All certificates are issued in both Swedish and English.

The degree certificate also includes a Diploma Supplement in English. The Diploma Supplement provides a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies pursued and successfully completed by the graduate.

How long does it take to get my certificate?

Our aim is to process all applications within two months from the date we have received a complete application. Peak seasons are June until September and February until March (submission date).

Do you send the certificate by regular mail?

All degree certificates are posted by regular mail to the permanent home address or temporary address that you have registered with the University (in Ladok) - or to the address that you have stated in your application form. Please report promptly any changes in your address that occur during the time we process your application.

My certificate has been issued but I have not received it. What do I do?

It could take up to two weeks after the certificate has been issued (and the information shows up on My Studies) before you receive it at an address in Sweden. For deliveries to other countries please allow for additional time.

If you have still not received the certificate within a reasonable time frame, please contact the Academic Records Unit at: They can confirm which date the certificate was mailed to you and to which address it was mailed. You will be asked to check with the local post as well.

If I lose my certificate, can I get a replacement?

If you have lost or damaged your original certificate, you may apply for a verified copy from the Stockholm University Archive, a replacement certificate will not be issued in this case.

How does my prospective employer verify my degree?

Your employer can contact the Academic Records Unit at  to verify your qualification. This is public information so they do not need to provide any approval from you, but they will need to give your name and date of birth (or Swedish registration number).

I have heard about new requirements for degree courses, how do they affect me?

From 1 January 2016 the requirements for each main field of study at Stockholm University will be defined in the local Degree Ordinance. This means that the Faculties have specified compulsory courses for a degree in a certain main field of study. All students who start taking courses within their main field of study at Stockholm University after 1 January 2016 have to meet the new requirements.  For students who have started their studies at another university and are continuing their studies at Stockholm University it is especially important to check the requirements. For courses within the main field of study the department decides whether a credit transfer is possible or not.

Example: Business Administration as a main field of study requires 90 credits of courses specified under the requirements of the main field of study Business Administration.

N.B. If you are a student on a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, all required courses will also be defined in your Education Plan (Programme Syllabus).