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If you are a student at Stockholm University, KTH or a number of associated colleges in Stockholm (see below), you are welcome to contact us for support during your study time.

Welcome to Stockholm Student Health Services! We offer individual counselling, groups, workshops and other activities that aim to support your well-being and realise your full academic and personal potential during your time as a student.

We can help with study-related problems like procrastination and public speaking anxiety. But we also help with other problems like stress, worries of different kinds, relationships, alcohol habits and other lifestyle issues. Sometimes you may have a longstanding concern, be encountering new difficulties or challenges, or simply have a sense that something isn´t right. 

Don´t hesitate to book an appoinment with us and/or check out our workshops, groups and lectures. All visits and activities are free of charge. 

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Staff at Stockholm Student Health Services
Welcome to Stockholm Student Health Services. Our staff includes occupational health nurses, psychologists and counsellors. Photo: Jorge Moreno Bravo.

Claudia Bañares, licenced psychologist

Susanna Bitter, licenced psychologist

Peter Candlert, licenced psychologist

Ingemar Dahlgren, operations director

Susanne Ghomashi, occupational health nurse

Joel Humlesjö, counsellor

Elisabeth Jeppsson, occupational health nurse

Jenny Lindblom, counsellor

Angela De Matteis, counsellor

Lena Mattsson, occupational health nurse

Kristofer Nord, counsellor

Jessica Saarinen, counsellor

Sofia Shakibi Momtaz, occupational health nurse

Susanna Stattin Thorell, licenced psychologist


Stockholm Student Health Services strives to promote an environment that supports the health and safety of students. That includes working preventively when it comes to alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco and gambling (ANDTG). Here you learn more about how these issues affect your health and how to get support:

Alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco and gambling


Within the Swedish healthcare system, confidentiality and patients' integrity are considered as very important.

Confidentiality of healthcare professionals

Within the Swedish healthcare system, all healthcare employees and professionals are bound by professional secrecy. No information can be released or shared without the patient's consent. This applies to the person's personal information, condition or treatment.

The professional secrecy obligation is regulated by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

Personal data

Your personal data (name, date of birth or social security number, address and telephone number) will be registered at the Stockholm Student Health Services. An electronic medical record will be kept, where notes about your visits at the clinic will be saved, containing background information of your symptoms as well as actions taken. No one outside the Stockholm Student Health Services is granted access to this information.

Patients' integrity

Issues concerning patients' integrity are considered as very important within Swedish healthcare. There are laws regulating authorisation to patient data. Generally, only healthcare professionals who treat the same patient are permitted to share information regarding the patient's condition or personal situation.

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