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Can the Nobel Prize help us save the world? Historian of ideas Annelie Drakman answers in The Local

The Nobel Prize reflect the values of a particular society at a particular time, says Annelie Drakman to The Local, and it also reflects the problems that society wants to solve.

Annelie Drakman, idéhistoriker vid Institutionen för kultur och estetik. Foto: Erika Gerdemark.

With the impact of social media, the Nobel Prize is now bigger than ever. It has a much larger global visibility compared to similar prizes and it can really reach into all corners of the world. But does that mean that the Nobel Prize really help us save the world?

It’s going to help shape the direction that human activity takes within these fields. With the Nobel Prize comes a lot of attention and support

says Annelie Drakman, historian of ideas at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University.

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