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Launch of new education web pages

We are now taking the next step in the Webb2021 project by launching new education web pages at and with an entirely new structure, navigation and design as well as with revised content.

At Stockholm University, the project Webb2021 is being implemented, where the university's websites are being renewed and improved. During the first phase, we work with information on education and implement changes by instalments.

During the autumn of 2018, a first revision of the digital education catalogue was made. In March, a new and appreciated route was opened to find the right education through topic and subject pages.

Now, we are launching new education web pages at and

  • A “student journey” adapted to our target visitors, which means that you always find the right information according to where you are: Admissions - New student - During your studies - Graduation and beyond.
  • A flat structure and content boxes that follow the visitor when scrolling makes it easy to find routes back or forward.
  • The information is available in longer articles but with slimmed-down texts and an airy layout that facilitates reading.
  • The pages are adapted for all platforms: computer, tablet and mobile.

The launch will take place from September 6th, with adjustments and additions of page templates and content for some time to come.

Our digital education catalogue will be supplemented during the autumn and until then you will find more information about courses and programmes on the departments' own websites. You can also find links on the course and programme pages. At the end of this phase of the web project, all educational aspects are linked in a flow for a unified user experience.

You are welcome to visit our new education pages and feel free to give feedback!