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Mauro Zamboni is new President of the IAL

Mauro Zamboni, Professor of Jurisprudence at Stockholm University, has been appointed as President of the International Association of Legislation (IAL). The chairmanship is shared with Helen Xanthaki, Professor at University College London, UCL.

Professor Mauro Zamboni. Photo: Staffan Westerlund

The International Association of Legislation (IAL) is an association that works to improve legislation in the world. It does so by promoting research, teaching and international cooperation on rules and good practices regarding legislation, legal drafting and better regulation. The IAL organises conferences, seminars and lectures that open up ground-breaking discussions of the scientific and practical problems of legislation.

Mauro Zamboni is familiar with the IAL since before. He has previously served as the association's treasurer, participated in workshops and conferences, and contributed articles to the IAL's "Theory and Practice of Legislation" series. As Co-President, he will now have the opportunity not only to contribute to the IAL's purpose by sharing his research under its auspices - but also by beeing responsible for all the affairs of the association, togheter with the other members of the board.

His responsibilities includes the management and implementation of decisions taken by the General Assembly of the IAL, financial matters and to decide upon the admission and expulsion of members of the association.

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