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Ocean Bound Women in the 19th century

This spring World Scientific Publishing will publish the book Ocean Bound Women (London och Singapore: WSPC, 2021), written by Anders Hallengren, associate professor in Literature at Stockholm university. The book presents unique materials from a sailor's coffin with hitherto unpublished materials from Swedish seafaring women from the 19th century.

Maria Söderström gick till sjöss 1885 och skrev världsomseglingsdagbok.

In this book we will meet with Maria Söderström, via her diary. This is the first diary from a circumnavigation written by a Scandinavian woman. Maria and her sister Emmy Söderström traveled around the world by boat during the years 1885-88.

Publication early 2021

The chronicle Ocean bound women will be published during this spring. Follow the link to keep track of the book project:

The diary begins

In the picture below is the first page of Maria Söderström's diary notes.

The circumnavigation journal begins. Foto: Anders Hallengren.