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Remember to get vaccinated

The spread of covid-19 is increasing. You can protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated.

As the autumn semester starts, and more campus-based teaching is introduced, Stockholm University encourages students and staff to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency guidelines and get vaccinated against covid-19.

Currently, there are vaccination campaigns all over the world and the Swedish authorities are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. There is a clear wish from both students and staff to start going back to campus-based teaching. To be able to do that we all have to act responsibly and follow the guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency:

  • Take both vaccination shots
  • Keep your distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home if you experience symptoms

More information about the vaccination against covid-19 can be found at All students can get vaccinated in Stockholm, no matter where your registered residency is.

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More information about how Stockholm University is handling the pandemic can be found here: