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Information for students and staff about Covid-19

Based on current conditions and responsible authorities’ recommendations, Stockholm University has adopted the following guidelines.

Last updated on 3 March 2023

Information till studenter och medarbetare om coronaviruset på svenska

  • Stockholm University encourages all students and employees to follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding vaccination.

About the university's activities

Last updated on 10 January 2023

As of 9 February 2022 the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden have removed most of the restrictions regarding Covid-19. At Stockholm University, the lifting of the restrictions means the following from 9 February 2022:

  • Already confirmed deviations from syllabus concerning changing examination forms can continue to apply, but no new such decisions may be made by the head of each department.
  • Dissertations and licentiate seminars can continue to be conducted so that it is possible to participate online.
  • Students must be clearly informed about the forms in which teaching and examination will take place.

For more information about the forms in which teaching and examination will take place, see each department’s website.
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Minimize the spread of infection

Last updated on 3 March 2023

Everyone must take responsibility and help to minimize the spread of infection, and those that are able to should follow the Public Health Agency's recommendations regarding vaccinations. 

The Public Health Authority urges anyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection to stay at home even if you are fully vaccinated.

Current rules and recommendations – official information on
Recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden on how to protect yourself and other from being infected with Covid-19

Staff should report sick using regular routines.



Last updated on 10 January 2023

  • Business travel: Staff who are planning international business trips are advised to follow the guidelines of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the universities concerned, and the relevant airline information. Non-necessary trips to countries which the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to should be avoided.
    See for updated information in English regarding travels
  • Bookings: All business trips must be booked through the University's procured travel agency Egencia.

Updated information from relevant authorities

These pages are updated with information on developments and recommendations on an ongoing basis. Current information is also available on WHO’s website.

Official information from Swedish authorites in English -

Information regarding vaccinations at

Information about the coronavirus – Swedish Public Health Agency website

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