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Questions and answers about the new coronavirus

FAQ for students and staff about Stockholm University and the new coronavirus.

Information på svenska om coronaviruset finns på


General questions

What measures is Stockholm University taking to protect staff and students from being infected?

Information about the University's positions in relation to the new coronavirus is updated continuously, based on the current situation and recommendations from responsible authorities. The latest information can be found in the University's information for students and staff about Covid-19.

Students and staff are encouraged to follow the recommendations of the authorities on keeping your distance, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, and staying at home if feeling unwell. Follow the instructions from your physician if you live in a household with someone with confirmed Covid-19. The University works to ensure that it is possible to maintain physical distance and, among other things, that not too many people are on the premises at the same time.

In line with the Public Health Agency of Sweden's current recommendations, Stockholm University has campus-based teaching when circumstances so permit and provided that this is allowed by the relevant authorities. The plan for each course is available on the department website.
Departments and centres

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s general advice to employers is to ensure that staff and visitors keep their distance, that staff members, if possible, work from home and avoid unnecessary travel. The University follows the Agency’s recommendations, which means that any employees who can work from home should do so, after consulting with their supervisor.

Updated information is always available at

How does the stricter local advice for Stockholm affect the university?

Stockholm University has been restrained when it comes to campus-based teaching and, for many departments, there is little room to further reduce amount of in-person teaching. Nevertheless, departments are asked to review planned, in-person activities and to consider whether even more teaching can be moved online. The recommendation to work from home to the extent possible remains. If staff or students have questions, contact your manager or course leader.

The university library is an important resource for students and staff. To allow for visits to be spread over the day, the library hours will remain unchanged.
Library opening hours

Are the premises on campus open?

The University's opening hours are continuously revised and adjusted if deemed necessary. Changes can occur on the basis of government recommendations and decisions.

For updated information, please see

Information about the Stockholm University Library's opening hours

Which areas does Stockholm University advise against travelling to? 

Stockholm University advises all staff and students not to travel to countries where the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ advises against non-necessary trips.
See for updated information in English regarding travels

How do I protect myself and others from infection?

Stockholm University continues to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, which states that the best way to protect oneself and others is to keep at a distance from other people and to maintain good hand hygiene. The University has not made any decision regarding recommending the use of face masks.

Read more: How to protect yourself and others from spread of infection

Public Health Agency of Sweden FAQ on Covid-19 and face masks

For information on how to clean your keyboard, please see:

How to clean the keyboard (can be translated into English by changing "Språk" to "engelska")


For students

What information is available for students applying to or recently admitted to Stockholm University?

Information for applicants and newly admitted students can be found here:
Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

What information is available for exchange and MFS students?

Information for exchange students and/or students on Minor Field Studies (MFS) can be found here:
Coronavirus – Information for students about exchange/MFS

What applies to my course?

Information is available on each course on the department website. Please contact your department if you have questions about what applies to your course.
For a complete list of the University’s departments, please see

For how long will teaching at Stockholm University be conducted online?

The planning of the spring term and the summer term is carried out by each department. The plan for each course will be available on the department website.
For a complete list of the University’s departments, please see

My classes will be taught online, how will this affect my studies?

Distance learning has the same value as on-campus learning which means that the number of credits you will earn during the semester will not be affected if the study form changes from campus to distance based. If you are a fee-paying student the change of study form will not affect the level of the tuition fee.

Where can I find information on how to study from home?

You can find information on how to study from home at

How are issues related to the suspicion of cheating or attempts to deceive during examinations handled during the switch to online studies?

Any student who is caught cheating or disrupting academic activities may be suspended from lectures and exams for a period of up to six months. The same procedure applies as during campus-based studies, which means your department will prepare a report to the President if they suspect a disciplinary offence. The President or the Disciplinary Council decide whether a student is to be subject to any disciplinary measures.
Read more here about plagiarism and regulations for disciplinary matters

What happens to my student loan if my course/education cannot continue as planned remotely?

You will be able to keep your student finance from The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN). The Swedish government has made new decisions on what applies to those who have student loans in Sweden.
More information on the CSN website

I am currently studying abroad and the university where I study has shut down. How does this affect my student loan?

You will be able to keep your student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) if your school closes due to the Coronavirus.
More information on the CSN website 

What tools are there to help me study from home?

You can find recommendations on tools you can use to study online here:
How you can study from home

Can I print somewhere at the University?

Students can use the printers in the Frescati Library during library opening hours.

What happens to my note-taking support?

Note-taking support is given as usual during the period of distance learning. The note-taker will still be compensated for this work by the Student Services.
Please check the page Studying with a disability for more information as well as contact information

Is there access to resource rooms if I have special needs?

No, the resource rooms in Studenthuset and in the Frescati Library are closed.

What happens for those renting university housing with respect to Covid-19?

Stockholm University rents out hundreds of residences to international students and researchers, and questions have come up regarding how the rental agreement applies to, for example, sudden or cancelled travel.
We answer the most frequently asked questions here


For employees

Will employees continue to work from home during the spring semester?

The Public Health Agency of Sweden is advising employers to make sure employees and visitors keep physical distance between each other, that employees keep working from home if possible and that they avoid unnecessary travels. Depending on the nature of your tasks this may affect whether you work from home or at the workplace. Talk to your supervisor regarding your specific situation. If you are a supervisor and have questions, please contact the Human Resources Office.
Information about working remotely can be found at

For how long will teaching at SU be conducted online?

Detailed planning for spring term and summer term is carried out by the departments and information for students will be published via the department's website. 

Information on the University's position is updated on an ongoing basis at

Where can I find support about working from home and information about online teaching?

On you will find support and tools for online teaching and working from home.

Can I bring home office equipment, such as a desktop computer, if I need to work at home for a longer period?

It is possible to take home office equipment if you need to be able to work from home. Contact your head of department or manager.

The learning platform Athena seems to be unreliable. Is it be possible to go back to using Mondo?

Going back to using the previous learning platform Mondo is not an option: Mondo has not been updated for a long time and there is no guarantee that Mondo will continue to function. 

Is Zoom safe to use in regard to security and privacy?

There are a lot of functions in Zoom that you can use to increase security and functionality for your meetings or lectures.
More about Zoom and security

How much can I change the course for online teaching?

The head of each department decides if there is a need for deviations from the syllabus, for example with regard to new examination forms or alternatives to compulsory elements. Decisions on deviations from the syllabus must be documented.

What applies to doctoral studies and dissertations?

More information here

How do I handle the reporting of changes to studies in Ladok?

The Ladok Consortium and CSN have, together and with the support from the SUHF’s expert group for study administration issues, produced a guide for the administrative handling of changes to studies for spring semester 2020. Student Services has completed the guide with instructions specific to Stockholm University.
The guide is available on the Confluence (information in Swedish)

Can the University stop my planned work-related trips?

Yes, all business trips must be approved by your nearest manager. Business travels within Sweden can be granted when conductd in accordance with official regulations and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Members of staff who are planning international business trips must follow the guidelines of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the universities concerned, and the relevant airline information. Non-necessary trips to countries where the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are advising against travel are to be avoided. As from 9 March 2020 all business trips must be booked with rebookable or refundable tickets

Can Stockholm University as my employer stop my private trip?

No, the University cannot stop your private journey. However, the University advises all staff and students not to travel to countries that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ advises against travelling to.
See for updated information in English regarding travel

In the case of private journeys, you should follow the law concerning citizen's liability, as stated in the Communicable Diseases Act:
The Communicable Diseases Act (in swedish)

How are international students affected?

Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

What happens to international recruitments?

The Swedish Migration Agency has compiled updated information in English on current travel bans, applications for residence permits, work permits etc.
Information regarding the coronavirus (Swedish Migration Agency)

Travel to Sweden during the corona pandemic (Swedish Police Authority)

What applies for those renting university housing with respect to Covid-19?

Stockholm University rents out hundreds of residences to international students and researchers, and questions have come up regarding how the rental agreement applies to, for example, sudden or cancelled travel.
We answer the most frequently asked questions here

Are there any new rules concerning sick leave?

Information on sick leave for the coronavirus

Regarding classroom examinations

Tentamensservice, the University’s examinations service and the function that coordinates exam sessions in the centrally managed facilities at Stockholm University, has updated information here:
For more information, see Tentamensservice (in Swedish)

Who's currently registering regular mail?

The central registry at the University is still in service. Physical mail that is sent to Stockholm University’s Bloms hus is registered and handled accordingly. Offices and departments must still have routines to file and administer inbound mail, i.e. someone needs to monitor and take care of it.

How should we deal with the disclosure of documents?

Stockholm University’s obligation to disclose documents and monitor emails applies as usual. If you experience difficulties in accessing documents from home, please contact IT Services or the registrar. As usual, the legal function gives support regarding confidentiality assessment.

What happens if my department has additional costs due to the coronavirus?

Each department is responsible for their own costs, just as when other unforeseen events occur.

What about schedule booking and debiting of central premises?

Staff members are recommended to plan for a combination of teaching via the web and on campus, as well as cancel rooms that will not be used.

Review the scheduling of large student groups and limit the number of students who must be in a room at the same time by, for example, webcasting lectures, doubling lectures/seminars or using the premises over a larger part of the day.

During spring and summer terms 2021, teaching and exams at Stockholm University shall primarily be conducted online. Teaching activities that require physical attendance must not bring together more than eight persons; no hall-based exams shall be conducted.

Free cancellation of premises applies under prevailing circumstances. The fee that is normally charged for cancellations (later than 61 days before the booked time) will not be charged for the time being. Change of premises (for example from an auditorium to a smaller classroom) is never associated with an extra fee. You pay for the room that is booked when the planned activity occur.

What if external groups want to cancel events on the University's premises?

The regular cancellation policy applies.

Is the staff gym open?

The staff gym in Allhuset is closed temporarily.
You can find more information about the staff gym by clicking here

You can also use the outdoor gym (located at Bloms paviljong, on the way to Stora Skuggan).

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