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Renée Malmgren new international coordinator at BIG

Renée Malmgren will work to develop international exchanges, both for BIG and for the entire faculty.

Renée Malmgren is the new international coordinator at BIG. It is a newly created position for developing the international exchange studies. The position is funded half by BIG and half by the faculty, so Renée will not only work for BIG but for the entire science academic area.

Renée is a linguist at heart, with a great interest in language teaching and grammar. She is also an authorized translator with special expertise in the areas of law and economics and has, among other things, done translations for the Government Offices. Since her mother tongue is Spanish, she has primarily translated from Swedish to Spanish.

Renée comes most recently from KTH, where she has been the education coordinator at the Department of Language and Communication within the School of Industrial Technology and Management. There she has worked a lot with internationalisation and international students and now looks forward to devoting herself to it full time. She says that it is so important to have contacts across national borders and that we learn from each other, not least in these times of international conflicts.

Renée herself has experienced that exchanges can have great significance even on a personal level. She grew up in Mexico City and that was where she met her future husband, who was then an exchange student from Stockholm. He studied at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), with which Stockholm University has had a central exchange agreement for many years. When he was to return to Sweden, Renée followed and started studying at SU. Now, many years later, they are trying to convince their children of how rewarding it is to travel the world as a student and that it can change your whole life!

Renée will start her new job at BIG on June 15.

Porträtt bild av kvinna med axellångt mörkt hår och vit blus och kavaj framför tegelbyggnad.
Renée Malmgren. Foto: Amir Mehdi Rezaei.