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Stockholm University will open gradually from 1 June

The Swedish Public Health Agency has withdrawn the recommendation on distance education for universities, from 1 June. As a consequence, the University President has decided to proceed with a gradual opening of the University from 1 June, regarding both teaching and examination.

Each department assesses the possibility of conducting certain activities on site, already during the summer. In this case, activities should be planned in such a way as to minimize the risk of contributing to the spread of covid-19. From the autumn semester, most activities can be carried out on campus if the level of the spread of infection and vaccination coverage allow. Teaching for large groups of students on campus, for example in the form of large-scale lectures, will however be avoided, especially in early autumn.

All teaching and examination must be carried out in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's current rules and recommendations regarding distance, avoidance of congestion, hand washing, etc. to reduce the risk of the spread of infection.


Hall-based exams may be carried out

Previous decisions that hall-based exams should not be carried out are revoked. Hall-based examinations may therefore be carried out again but, for practical reasons, only under the auspices of the departments at present.

Information on teaching and exams during summer and autumn will be published as soon as possible on the department websites. Information about autumn term will be available by 20 July 2021 at the latest.

Updated information is available on: