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Marit Hichens-Bergström

About me

I teach Biology, Natural Sciences and Chemistry at Brinellskolan, an upper secondary school i  Fagersta.

Licentiate project: Permafrost peatlands in northern Scandinavia as archives of volcanic eruptions under changing climate conditions

Ashes to ice – studies of tephra as chronological tools in permafrost

Project aims and objectives

The aim of this project is to date the permafrost history of the peatlands by using tephrochronology and plant macrofossil analysis. Attempts will be made to find tephra in the sediments and to establish a chronology of the archives of the peatland in northern Sweden and Norway.

By sampling sediment in the active layer above the permafrost, findings of tephra will be used to date the ground in areas earlier investigated with other peat proxies.