Stockholm university

Amina Souihi

About me

I did my undergraduate studies in Food Process engineering at Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and veterinary studies in Rabat, Morocco. Then, I joined the One-year Master’s program in Chemistry at Umeå University. I have always been interested in analytical chemistry techniques and data analysis. During my Master’s thesis, my focus was to improve the correlation between quality parameters of drugs (such as water content) and microwave signals by developing models that handle complex numbers and performing simultaneous parallel frequency measurements.



The title of my PhD is “Quantitation of suspects from non-targeted LC/HRMS analysis via predicting ionisation efficiencies”. The research project aims to develop semi-quantitative non-targeted LC/HRMS methods and obtain quantitative information regarding chemicals in the environment. Modelling and data science tools are used in order to predict the ionisation efficiencies of different compounds in non-targeted LC/ESI/HRMS analysis.

On-going projects

The current research project is to model the ionisation efficiency values existing in different libraries and to enable good prediction without any prior knowledge of the exact chemical structure. The modelling is based on the compound characteristics such as tR, m/z, isotope pattern and fragmentation spectra for ESI in the positive and negative modes. Different machine learning algorithms are tested to get the maximum information from the mass spectral libraries.