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Andrea LucarelliAssociate Professor

About me

Andrea Lucarelli is  Associate Professor/Docent in Marketing at Stockholm Business School. He earned his PhD at Stockholm Stockholm Business School in 2016 with a thesis titled "the political dimension of place branding". Andrea is beholder of prestigius Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Postdoctoral Fellowship and he is Affiliated Researcher at the Centre for Sport and Business at Stockholm School of Economics. Prior to join Stockholm Business School he has appointment as Post-doctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor at School of Mangement, Lund  University as well as Assistant Professor in Toursim at Dalarna University. He has spend time as a visiting scholar at University of Melbourne, Australia and Royal Holloway University, UK. Andrea loves football, sailing and skiing, and of course italian cusine.


Recent Publications

Lucarelli, A, Cassinger C. and Ågren K (2021) Continuity and discontinuity in the historical trajectory of the commercialising of cities: Storying Stockholm 1900-2020, Business History, online first, AJG list 4

Rinaldi, C., Giovanardi, M., and Lucarelli, A. (2021). Keeping a foot in both camps: Sustainability, city branding and boundary spanners. Cities, 115, 103236. AJG list 2

Lucarelli, A., Fuschillo G, and  Chytkova, Z . (2020) How cyber political brands emerge: a socio-material analysis of the Italian Five Star movement and the Czech pirate party." European Journal of Marketing online first,  AJG list 3

Cassinger, C., Gyimóthy, S., & Lucarelli, A. (2020). 20 years of Nordic place branding research: a review and future research agenda. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 1-8. AJG list 2

Andéhn, M., Hietanen, J., & Lucarelli, A. (2020). Performing place promotion—On implaced identity in marketized geographies. Marketing Theory, 20(3), 321-342. AJG list 3

Cassinger C., Lucarelli A., and  Z. Gymothy  eds.  (2019) The Nordic Waves of Place branding: poetics, practices and politics, London, Edward Elgar

Lucarelli A and Cassel S (2019) “The dialogical relationship between spatial planning and place branding: Conceptualizing regionalization discourses in Sweden” European Planning Studies,  1-18 AJG List 2

Lucarelli, A and Giovanardi (2019) “Investigating Relational Ontologies in Macromarketing: Toward a Relational Approach and Research Agenda”, Journal of Macromarketing, 39 (1), 88-102  AJG list 2 *

Lucarelli, A (2019) “Constructing a typology of virtual city brand co-creation practices: an ecological approach.” Journal of Place Management and Development, ahead of press  AJG list 2 *

Lucarelli, A. (2018) "Co-branding public place brands: towards an alternative approach to place branding." Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 14, 4, pp 260 - 271 *

Giovanardi, M. and Lucarelli A. (2018) “Sailing through marketing: a critical assessment of spatiality in marketing literature”, Journal of Business Research, 82, 149-159  AJG List 3 *


My teaching expertise is very broad. My growing teaching portfolio features experiences in several marketing subjects, such as, Public Sector Marketing, Political Marketing, Marketing Theory, but also in related field as for example Advertising Strategies, Tourism and Hospitality, and Sustainability in Destination (MBA), in addition to methodology courses as for example Research Methods and Methodology. I develop a constructive and maieutic relationship with my students. I have created along with my colleague  particular type of  pedagogical role game (i.e brandopoly).


I have been invited speeker in several business-related and public conferances for policy decision making


My primary research interest is connected to branding applied to the realm of  places (i.e. cities, regions and nation). In addition my other research areas are 1.the geographical and historical dimension of consumption, advertising and marketing; 2. the cultural and political dimension of branding as applied to public-private sector; 3. the role of techno-digital culture in the construction of sport and tourism  market-phenomena.

I approach each research area broadly, but I mainly adopt qualititive methodologies adopting a vast arrray of  socio-cultural and political theories