Anneli Silvén Hagström. Foto: Niklas Björling

Anneli Silvén Hagström


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Works at Department of Social Work
Visiting address Sveavägen 160, Sveaplan
Room 648
Postal address Institutionen för socialt arbete 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a social worker and psychotherapist with a PhD in Social Work. My main research area is children’s and young people's narration, meaning-making and self-formation in relation to traumatic and stigmatizing childhood conditions.

I graduated 2016 with the thesis To mourn and resist stigma: Narration, meaning-making and self-formation after a parent’s suicide (Silvén Hagström, 2016) at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies/Social Work at Linköping University. In my study youths’ narratives about a parent’s suicide were analysed in four different contexts: in research interviews (Silvén Hagström, 2013), in a theatre play (Silvén Hagström, 2014) and in two different chat forums on the Internet (Silvén Hagström, 2017a; 2017b). I have two ongoing research projects: (1) an analysis of a longitudinal interview material consisting of children's and young people's narration about their experiences of growing up in an alcoholic environment collected in collaboration with Ersta Vändpunkten; and (2) an evaluative study in collaboration with BRIS (The children's rights in society) of a psychoeducational intervention targeted to families where a parent has committed suicide. Both projects aim to investigate a tentative concept of 'stigma-related trauma'.

I teach at the social work program at the Department of Social Work, Stockholm University and at the nursing program at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet, foremost within the area of children and young people in vulnerable life situations and grief counselling.


Silvén Hagström A (2018) Why did he choose to die?: A meaning-searching approach to parental suicide bereavement in youth. Death Studies (forthcoming).

Silvén Hagström, A (2017b) Breaking the silence: Parentally suicide-bereaved youths’ self-disclosure on the Internet and the social responses of others related to stigma, Journal of Youth Studies, 20(8): 1077-1092.

Silven Hagström, A (2017a) The ‘Suicide stigma’ re-negotiated: Storytelling, social support and resistance in an Internet based community for the young suicide bereaved, Qualitative Social Work 16(6): 775-792.

Silvén Hagström, A (2017) En förälders självmord: Ingen hemlighet att bära ensam [A parent's suicide: Not a secret to keep to oneself], SocialPolitik, nr 1.

Silvén Hagström, A (2016) To mourn and resist stigma: Narration, meaning-making and self-formation after a parent’s suicide, Doctoral thesis, Department of Social and Welfare Studies/Social Work, Linköping University.

Silven Hagström, A (2014) ’The self-murderer from Orminge’: A bereaved daughter’s remonstrance to ’rescue’ her Self through a performed memoir of revolt, Narrative Inquiry, 24(2): 218–238.

Silvén Hagström, A (2013) ‘The stranger inside’: Suicide related grief and ’othering’ among teenage daughters after the loss of a father to suicide, Nordic Social Work Research Journal, 3(2): 185–192.

Doukkali Berg, E., Winterling, J., Eriksson, L. E., Lampic, C och Silvén Hagström, A., and Wettergren, L. (2013) Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Experiences of Childhood Cancer: Descriptions of Daily Life 5 Years After Diagnosis, Cancer Nursing, 36(5): 400–407. I conducted telephone interviews with the participants in the study and contributed to the writing of the article.

Silven Hagström, A. (2013) Att vara ‘sårad av livet’ eller ‘inträngd i ett hörn’: Diskussioner om självmord i nutida Japan [To be ‘hurt by life’ or ‘cornered without exit’: Discussions about suicide in contemporary Japan]. Orientaliska Studier, 133, Stockholm University: 74–139.

Silvén Hagström, A (2010) ‘När pappa tog sitt liv’: En narrativ studie av fyra unga kvinnors berättelser om erfarenheten av att under tonåren ha förlorat sin pappa i självmord [‘When my dad committed suicide’: A narrative study of four young daughters’ telling of the experience of having lost a father by suicide in adolescence], Master’s thesis, Department of Social Work, Stockholm University.



Last updated: October 24, 2018

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