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  • Diplomacy and psychology.

    2006. Tommy Gärling, Gunnel Backenroth-Ohsako, Bo Ekehammar.


    Diplomacy plays an important role in world politics and international relations. Broadly speaking, diplomacy is defined as the use of peaceful means to prevent, settle, or resolve armed conflicts. After the Cold War, changes in the international scene call for a different practice of diplomacy than before. Issues are raised of how psychology may contribute to achieve a more efficient diplomacy. Psychological knowledge has become increasingly important for the successful practise of various categories of diplomacy,; i.e. peacetime diplomacy, crisis diplomacy and preventive diplomacy. Various challenges to diplomacy is discussed.Diplomacy is a means used by government to communicate. The function and possible improvement of this communication is discussed. Furthermore the prevalence of different cognitive and motivational biases in political judgements, the use of theory in political judgements, the relationship between justice and conflict and its implications for preventive diplomacy, the role political leaders play in escalation of social conflict, effective negotiation and mediation, social psychological principles of reconciliation.

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