Barbara Hobson

Professor i sociologi med inriktning mot genusforskning

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Works at Department of Sociology
Telephone 08-16 31 16
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 9
Room B 844
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Barbara Hobson is professor Emerita of Sociology at Stockholm University, having held the Professor’s Chair in sociology with a specialization in gender research (sociologi med inriktning mot genusforskning) since 1998. Her research has spanned a range of fields in political sociology and gender, including welfare regimes, citizenship, social movements and diversity.  She has coordinated many international projects, three of which became seminal books in the field of gender: Making Men into Fathers: Men, Masculinities and the Politics of Fatherhood (Cambridge Univ Press, 2002); Recognition Struggles and Social Movement: Cultural Claims, Contested Identities and Power and Agency (Cambridge University Press 2003); Worklife Balance: The Agency & Capabilities Gap (Oxford University Press 2014). Throughout her work, she has sought to develop theories and conceptual frameworks for understanding how agency and power operate within different institutional layers of social and political life. Over the past years she has engaged with Sen’s capability approach elaborating his agency-centered and multi-dimensional framework in sociological models and applying them to research areas:  women’s employment on childbearing, worklife balance, and more recently, private markets and migrant care/domestic work.  Her current research projects, funded by the Riksbankens Jubeleumsfond and EU FP 7 (FamiliesANDSocieties), address the reconfiguration of states, markets and families/households in welfare states within the context of the widening gap in capabilities resulting from the emergence of private markets for care/domestic, sustained by a low-waged migrant workforce.


She is a founder and senior editor for twenty years (now emerita editor) of Social Politics: International Studies of Gender, State and Society (Oxford University Press), an international journal that has shaped gender research in the social sciences, with its global reach and its comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives.  She has also served on various editorial boards of international journals and continues be active in various international networks, one of which is based at the University of Kyoto in Japan where she was guest professor. She continues to serve on the Advisory Committee for the Journal of Public Spheres and Book Series and is signatory member of the Consortium for the Asian Research Center for the Intimate and the Public. In addition she is a current member of the Research Committee on "Poverty, Social Welfare,­ and Social Policy (RC 19) of the International Sociological­  Association” and a network member of the International Work Family Research Network (WFRN).

She will be a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin, 2017-2018


Last updated: June 19, 2017

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