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Biswanath DasResearcher

About me

Dr. Biswanath Das started his research activity as a master's student (M.Sc with Chemistry major) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in the group of Prof. V Chandrasekhar in 2008. After finishing his master's study on organometallic synthesis, he came to Sweden as an Erasmus Mundus Ph.D. student and did Ph.D. (2009-2014) from Lund University under the supervision of Prof. E Nordlander on bioinorganic chemistry (phosphoester hydrolysis and C-H activation). 

Soon after, he joined Uppsala University as a postdoctoral fellow (2014-2016) and worked on photo and electrocatalytic water splitting in the group of Prof. S Ott and A/Prof. A Thapper. In 2016, he got selected for a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship (ARC affiliated) from the School of Chemistry, UNSW, Australia. During 2016-2020, he worked on carbon dioxide electroreduction and PFAS (Per and Poly-Fluoro Alkanes) degradation in the groups of A/Prof. S B Colbran, A/Prof. G E Ball and Prof. N Kumar before joining Stockholm University as a researcher.

He is an electrochemist with experience in organic-inorganic synthesis, investigation of reaction mechanisms (by spectroscopic techniques and DFT), and catalysts' fabrication on conductive surfaces.  

Currently, he is employed as a researcher at the Organic Chemistry Department, Stockholm University, and working in the group of Prof. Björn Åkermark on homogeneous-heterogeneous water splitting and hydrogen production.

His major research interests center around finding efficient and sustainable resources for renewable energy and utilizing carbon dioxide as a C1 feedstock. He is also interested in projects related to water purification, e.g. PFAS degradation/precipitation and C-H bond activation. Dr. Das enjoys getting involved in multiple projects where he can use his expertise and also can develop new skills.  

He is currently having active collaborations with Prof. Naresh Kumar (School of Chemistry, UNSW-Sydney, Australia; PFAS degradation project), Prof. Chuan Zhao, and Dr. Xianjue Chen (School of Chemistry, UNSW-Sydney, Australia; Heterogeneous carbon dioxide reduction project) and Dr. Priyank Kumar (School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW-Sydney, Australia; DFT investigation of possible reaction mechanisms).