Björn Boman


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Works at Department of Education
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in educational research, with a particular emphasis upon educational achievement in various national and cross-national contexts (e.g. Sweden, South Korea, Finland, Estonia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore). My reserch interests do also include the music industries in South Korea, Sweden and Japan, cultural psychology (South Korea, Sweden), cultural studies (South Korea, Sweden), literature (Yukio Mishima), and political history (e.g. José Ortega y Gasset, Julius Evola). Because of this broad profile, I have been a reviewer for several scholarly journals such as Psychology of Music, Asian Education and Development StudiesJournal of Biosocial Science, and Studies in Educational Evaluation

In relation to my research, I work with several methodological approaches, such as questionnaires/syrvets, bivariate and multivariate analyses, systematic literature reviews, textual analysis, on-site observations, and cost/benefit analysis (CBA). Threoretically, I work with for instance the Big Five, cultural globalization theory, and han (한, a Korean psychocultural concept). In a complex world, social and natural phenomena may be analyzed at different levels and only palpable contradictions should be avoided in the social sciences.  Apart from the ones mentioned below, many articles will hopefully be published in 2020.

Previously, I have obtained an M.A. in Education (2010) and an M.A. in History and the Behavioral Science of Religion (2012) from Uppsala University, and studied Korean at Stockholm Univerity, among a set of supplementary courses (2014-2019), in parallel with full-time work as a teacher. 

I have taught 9 years at upper-secondary and lower-secondary level and was nomineed as 'teacher of the year' in Solna in June 2019. My personal interests include fitness and traveling (56 countries so far). I have obtained a diploma in personal training (Ylab Education, Stockholm, 2007).


Research project: Educational achievement in East Asian school systems (compilation) 



Peer-reviewed articles

2020: From Oldboy to Burning: Han in South Korean films Culture & Psychology


2020: Cultural amnesia or continuity? Expressions of han in K-pop East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 6 (1), 111-123.


2019:  What Makes Estonia and Singapore so Good?  Globalisation, Societies and Education, 18 (2), 181-193. 


2019: Achievement in the South Korean Music Industry. International Journal of Music Business Research, 8 (2), 6-26. 



Other academic articles (editorially refereed)


2019: Worth narrowing the educational gap between South Korea and Sweden? A comparative analysis of PISA 2015


2019: ”Utbildning i det samtida Vietnam: förändringar och framgångsfaktorer” (Educational policies in Contemporary Vietnam: Development and Factors of Achievement). Orientaliska studier, 157 (June).


2015: “Koreansk skönhet som en förlängning av den koreanska vågen” (Korean beauty as an extension of the Korean wave), Orientaliska studier, 142. This study has been covered in Swedish press,


2015: Review (in Swedish) of John Lie's book K-pop: Popular music, cultural amnesia, and economic innovation, (2014), Orientaliska studier, 141.


2015: “Det nutida Koreas religiösa landskap” (The Religious landscape of contemporary Korea), Orientaliska studier, 141.


2014: “K-popens globala begränsningar” (The Global Limitations of K-pop), Orientaliska studier, 140.


Academic conferences (lecturer)

2019: “Educational Achievement in the Republic of Korea and Sweden: Worth to narrow the gap?”. International conference: 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Kingdom of Sweden and the ROK Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University May 23-24, 2019.

Last updated: July 1, 2020

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