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Chiara ComolliResearcher

About me

Chiara Ludovica Comolli is a Senior Postdoctoral researcher at the Stockholm University Demography Unit, SUDA and part-time researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Universty of Lausanne (UNIL, ISS). She was awarded a PhD in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence in 2016. After her Postdoc at SUDA (2016-2019) she spent two years working on the Wellways FNS project at the University of Lausanne (ISS, LINES) before coming back as full-time researcher to SUDA in June 2021. 

Chiara Comolli's main research focus is fertility behavior in developed countries. In particular, she studies how childbearing responds to various sources of economic and financial uncertainty in the United States and in Europe. Her other research interests cover more broadly changes in family and employment dynamics in western countries and their consequences in terms of inequality and wellbeing.

Currently, she works on a project investigating the recent decline in fertility in Europe and in particular in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Chiara also studies the consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic has on childbearing intentions and behaviour in Europe. Finally, she also collaborates on a project on life course concentration of critical events and later life subjective wellbeing in Switzerland.

Chiara Comolli was born in Italy on 10 December 1984. She did her BA and MSc in Milan at Bocconi University in Economic and Social Sciences.


Research keywords

Family dynamics, fertility behaviour, fertility intentions, economic uncertainty, inequality, wellbeing, life course studies, quantitative methods, causal inference, longitudinal data