Gustaf Hugelius

Gustaf Hugelius


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Works at Department of Physical Geography
Telephone 08-674 78 73
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Room V 407
Postal address Inst för naturgeografi 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Senior Lecturer, Department of Physical Geography  

Co-lead of the research area Biogeochemical cycles and climate at the Bolin Centre of Climate Research

Visiting Scholar in the group of Prof. R. Jackson, Stanford University, Department of Earth System Science


My teaching is mainly focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at basic and advanced levels. Our course programs emphasize applications of GIS and geomatics within Physical Geography and Environmental Science.

A lot of my teaching is within our Master's Programme in Geomatics with Remote Sensing and GIS.



My main scientific interest is the role of soils in the global carbon cycle. I have particularly worked with quantifying and characterizing stocks of organic carbon stored in permafrost and peatlands of Arctic and Boreal ecosystems.

I am part of the Biogeography and Geomatics research unit at the Department of Physical Geography.

Through collaborative efforts of scientist of different disciplines these projects strive to increase our understanding of climate-cryosphere interactions in different northern regions.

I am the lead principal investigator of the “Constraining uncertainties in the permafrost-climate feedback (COUP)” aims at increasing our knowledge of permafrost in the climate system. COUP is a project of the European Commission JPI Climate program. The project gathers researchers from eight European universities in a joint research initiative and ends in 2018.

I am one of the work package-leads within the EU H2020 consortium Nunataryuk (means land-to-sea in Inuvialuit). This international and cross-disciplinary project studies the natural and human systems associated with Arctic coastlines under climate warming. 

I am co-chair of the scientific steering group of the International Soil Carbon Network which hosts a dynamic, community-driven soil carbon database.

I am the manager of the Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database hosted by the Bolin climate Research Center. This GIS-based database is freely available for online download.

In the international Permafrost Carbon Network I am leader of the Soil Carbon Quantity working group which acts to facilitate international networking and scientific cooperation.

Links to the webpages of these different projects are found in the upper right corner of this page.

Last updated: September 21, 2018

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