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Denis Tajic

About me

Denis Tajic is a PhD candidate at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. His ongoing research is about inclusion of newly arrived students in primary schools and the role of various organizational and support models the schools are deploying to meet educational needs of these students. His recent research also focuses on how social relationships and interactions affect newly arrived youth´s opportunities for schooling and inclusion.

Denis has studied Political Science and Pedagogy and has also a master´s degree in Public Administration and Leadership. He has previously worked as a multicultural classroom assistance for newly arrived students and as a vice-principal.


  • Social Relations in School - 7,5 ECTS
  • Children, Youth and Migration (advanced level) - 7,5 ECTS



A selection from Stockholm University publication database

  • Do both ‘get it right’? Inclusion of newly arrived migrant students in Swedish primary schools

    2020. Denis Tajic, Nihad Bunar. International Journal of Inclusive Education


    The aim of this article is to advance knowledge on how Swedish primary schools organise education and what strategies they deploy to ensure inclusion and attainment of newly arrived migrant students. The article is based on semi-structured interviews with 30 teachers and school administrators, and one-year of fieldwork undertaken in two multicultural urban primary schools in the Stockholm region. One of the schools initially places students in separate classes, while the other one places them directly into mainstream classes. Both are evoking inclusion and attainment as a reason for using their respective models. As such, do both ‘get it right’? Using inclusion as the theoretical and conceptual framework this article addresses the broader question: How is the meaning of inclusion constructed in the processes of its practical implementation in these two schools? The results show the ambitious tale of inclusion in both schools was, in the process of the construction of its meaning and implementation, reduced to some of its aspects. Teachers and school administrators are allowed to include or leave out of their model whatever they deem necessary, obsolete, expensive or unrealistic and still fitting under the umbrella of inclusion. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, and both schools ‘get it right’ and ‘wrong’ in some aspects.

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