David Drew

David Drew


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Works at Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Telephone 08-16 22 95
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 16
Room A553
Postal address Institutionen för biokemi och biofysik 106 91 Stockholm


Structure and Mechanism of Solute Carrier (SLC) Transporters

Secondary transporters are the targets for many therapeutics and they often play a major role in drug pharmacokinetics. Understanding the mechanisms by which secondary transporters shuttle and move ions, drugs, and natural compounds across membranes is of fundamental importance. Because of the technical difficulties in working with membrane proteins our structural understanding is very limited. The goal of my research is to investigate the alternating access-mechanism of solute transporters which are critical to cell homeostasis and their dysfunction is associated with human diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular heart disease. To achieve this we combine crystal and cryo EM structures with biochemical and biophysical techniques. These goals are facilitated by the development of novel methods to aid functional and structural investigation of transporters.

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Latest news 2019

ERC Consolidator funding "EXCHANGE" to establish and dissect the dynamics and allosteric regulation of sodium/proton exchangers

Group members

Magnus Claesson, Lab Manager

Mathieu Coincon, Researcher

Dohwan Ahn, Postdoc

Roman Fudim, Postdoc

Ashutosh Gulati, Postdoc

Rei Matsuoka, Postdoc

Laura Orellana, Postdoc

Jan Skerle, Postdoc

Albert Suades, Postdoc

Hyunku Yeo, Postdoc

Yurie Chatzikyriakidou, PhD Student

Sarah McComas, PhD Student

Pascal Meier, PhD Student

Abdul Aziz Qureshi, PhD Student

Iven Winkelmann, PhD Student


Selected Publications


Nji E, Gulati A, Qureshi A. Coincon, M, Drew D. 

Structural basis for the delivery of activated sialic acid into Golgi lumen. 

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 26, 415-423 (2019).

Gupta G, Donlan J.A, Hopper J, Uzdavinys P, Landreh M, Struwe W, Drew D, Stansfeld P, Robinson C.V.

The role of interfacial lipids in stabilising membrane protein oligomers. 

Nature 19, 421-423 (2017). 

Drew D, Boudker O.

Shared Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transporters. 

Annu. Reviews. in Biochem. 85(1) (2016). 

Coincon M, Uzdavinys P, Nji E, Dotson D.L, Winkelmann I, Abdul-Hussein S, Cameron A.D, Beckstein O, Drew D.

Crystal structures reveal the molecular basis of ion-translocation in sodium/proton antiporters. 

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 23, 248-55 (2016).

Nomura N, Verdon G, Kang HJ, Shimamura T, Nomura Y, Sonoda Y, Hussien S, Qureshi A.A, Coincon M, Sato Y, Abe H, Nakada-Nakura Y, Hino T, Arakawa T, Kusano-Arai O, Iwanari H, Unno H, Murata T, Kobayashi T, Hamakubo T, Kasahara M, Iwata S, Drew D.

Structure and mechanism of the mammalian fructose transporter GLUT5. 

Nature526, 397-401 (2015).             

Lee C, Kang HJ, von Ballmoos C, Newstead S, Uzdavinys P, Dotson D, Iwata S, Beckstein O, Cameron A.D, Drew D. 

A two-domain elevator mechanism for sodium/proton antiport. 

Nature501, 573-7 (2013).

Hu NJ, Iwata S, Cameron A.D, Drew D. 

Crystal structure of a bacterial homologue of the bile acid sodium symporter ASBT.

Nature 478, 408-11 (2011).


Funding Sources

European Research Council
Swedish Research Council
The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
The Wenner-Gren Foundation
Novo Nordisk Foundation


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