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Fernando Jaramillo

About me

Fernando Jaramillo holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography from Stockholm University with a focus on hydrology and freshwater resources. He studies the historical effects of both climate change and land and water use on freshwater availability and changes, from local to global scales. His main areas of research are hydroclimatic change via de Budyko framework, human water consumption, and application of space technologies to understand changes and impacts on water resources.

-Head(Co) of the Water, Permafrost and Environmental Systems Unit

-Leader of Water, Biogeochemistry and Climate/ Bolin Centre for Climate Research



Main Ph.D. Supervisor Saeed AminjafariClara Hübinger, Martin Marañón

Postdoc Francisco Peña


Teaching activities (selected)

Responsible for    GE8032-Advanced Hydrology-SU

Responsible for    GE8031-Land and Water Risk Assessment-SU

Lecturer                 GE7025-Global Water Vulnerability and Resilience-SU

Lecturer                 GE7069-Traffic and Environment-SU

Lecturer                 BL7018-Management of Aquatic Res. in the Tropics-SU

Lecturer                 MJ2659-Technology and Ecosystems-KTH






  • 2022-2024 Quantifying Water Level Changes of Swedish Wetlands with Deep Learning (Digital Futures)
  • 2022-2026 Under the trees: Quantifying invisible changes in wetland water availability (VR Starting Grant)
  • 2021-2025. Bolivia, Strategy for Research Cooperation: Sustainable management and governance of water and soil. Swedish Development Agency, SIDA.
  • 2020. "Risker i ett klimatanpassat Sverige”. Risks in a climate-adapted Sweden. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.
  • 2018-2022 Hydrogeodesic assessment of man-made disconnections between Northern Rivers and their coastal systems. (Swedish National Space Agency)
  • 2016-2021 Adding green to blue: An integral update to freshwater consumption estimates worldwide. Funder: The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS).
  • 2019 Hydrogeodesy to study large deltaic hydrodynamics. Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning (STINT)
  • 2016-2019 Untangling human freshwater consumption from impounded water reservoirs with hydroclimatic observations and space-based hydrology”. Funder:  Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • 2020 Aerial river management in the Andes
  • 2020 Impacts of climate change and human activities in the Paramo ecosystems of the tropical Andes

Recent publications 2020-2022:

51. Marttila, H., Laudon, H., Tallaksen, L.M., Jaramillo, F., Alfredsen, K., Ronkanen, A.-K., Kronvang, B., Lotsari, E., Kämäri, M., Ala-Aho, P., Nousu, J., Silander, J., Koivusalo, H., Kløve, B., 2022. Nordic hydrological frontier in the 21st century. Hydrology Research nh2022120.

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Research projects